Valorant Agents Plush: Jett Killjoy Sage Viper
Valorant Agents Plush: Jett Killjoy Sage Viper
Valorant Agents Plush: Jett Killjoy Sage Viper

Valorant Agents Plush: Jett Killjoy Sage Viper

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Jett Plush: The Swift Wind of South Korea 🌪️ Representing her home country of South Korea, Jett’s agile and evasive fighting style lets her take risks no one else can. She runs circles around every skirmish, cutting enemies before they even know what hit them. Our Jett Plush captures her dynamic spirit, from her iconic hairstyle to her nimble stance. Whether you’re a Valorant pro or a casual gamer, cuddle up with Jett and feel the rush of the battlefield. Available now! 1

Killjoy Plush: The Tech Genius with a Soft Side 🛠️ Killjoy, the German engineering prodigy, brings her turret-building skills to our plush collection. But don’t let her gadgets fool you—she’s got a heart of gold. Our Killjoy Plush features her signature cap, goggles, and a tiny plush turret that won’t shoot you (promise!). Perfect for fans who appreciate brains and brawn. Secure your Killjoy Plush today! 2

Sage Plush: Healing Hugs from China 🌿 Sage, the Sentinel from China, is known for her healing abilities and serene demeanor. Our Sage Plush embodies her wisdom and compassion. With embroidered details and a gentle expression, she’s ready to mend both wounds and hearts. Place her on your desk or snuggle with her during intense ranked matches. Sage says, “Healing begins with a hug!” 3

Viper Plush: Toxic Charm, Cuddly Edition ☠️ Viper, the American chemist turned agent, brings her venomous flair to our plush lineup. Don’t worry—our Viper Plush won’t emit toxic gas. Instead, she’ll steal your heart with her sly smile and plushy fangs. Whether you’re defending sites or just need a companion for late-night gaming, Viper’s got your back. Available in limited quantities! 2

Collect them all and create your own Valorant plush squad! Each plush stands approximately 9-10 inches tall, making them perfect for display, snuggling, or reenacting epic ultimates. These soft agents are ready to join your team—no spike defusal required. 🧸🔥

4 inches tall

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