Dragon Ball Z Shenron Anime Figure (30cm) - Super Large Edition
Dragon Ball Z Shenron Anime Figure (30cm) - Super Large Edition
Dragon Ball Z Shenron Anime Figure (30cm) - Super Large Edition
Dragon Ball Z Shenron Anime Figure (30cm) - Super Large Edition
Dragon Ball Z Shenron Anime Figure (30cm) - Super Large Edition
Dragon Ball Z Shenron Anime Figure (30cm) - Super Large Edition

Dragon Ball Z Shenron Anime Figure (30cm) - Super Large Edition

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Prepare to witness the awe-inspiring presence of Shenron—the Eternal Dragon—from Dragon Ball Z! Our Bandai 30cm Red Shenron Anime Figure is a collector’s dream, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of this legendary character. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the Dragon Ball universe, this figure is a must-have centerpiece for your collection.


  1. Super Large Scale:

    • Standing at an impressive 30cm (approximately 11.8 inches) tall, this Shenron figure dominates any display. Its size ensures that every detail—from Shenron’s scales to his sinuous form—is faithfully represented.
    • Place it on your shelf, desk, or entertainment center, and let the dragon’s power radiate through your room.
  2. Vibrant Red Coloring:

    • The figure’s rich red hue reflects the fiery energy of Shenron. Whether you’re reliving iconic scenes or creating new adventures, this figure captures the dragon’s majesty.
    • The glossy finish adds depth and realism to the sculpt.
  3. Intricate Sculpting:

    • Bandai’s attention to detail shines through in every aspect of this figure. Shenron’s coiled body, expressive eyes, and the seven Dragon Balls beneath him are meticulously sculpted.
    • The dynamic pose conveys the dragon’s eternal watchfulness.
  4. Sturdy Base:

    • The figure comes with a stable base that ensures Shenron stands securely. No need to worry about toppling over!
    • Display it proudly as a symbol of your love for Dragon Ball Z.
  5. Collectible Treasure:

    • Whether you’re completing your Shenron collection or starting one, this figure is a standout piece.
    • Gift it to a fellow fan or keep it as your own guardian dragon.

Channel the Dragon’s Magic:

Bring the legend of Shenron to life with the Dragon Ball Z Red Shenron Anime Figure (30cm). Whether you seek adventure, protection, or simply a captivating centerpiece, Shenron awaits. Get yours now and let the dragon grant your desires! 🌟🐉


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