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Han Solo Blaster DL-44 Original with stand

Han Solo Blaster DL-44 Original with stand

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This collector's item is a faithful recreation of the classic Han Solo DL-44 blaster, complete with no scope. Its sure to become a centerpiece for any Star Wars fan. Made with quality parts and materials, this beautiful Blaster is a true work of art.

Han Solo Blaster Fully Assembled

This prop is not real and doesn't have any moving parts. This replica prop is 1:1 size and is based on the original DL-44 blaster.
Blaster is made of plastic PLA.

It has an orange tip and is safe for kids and is safe to carry at EXPOS.

The stand is optional.

This blaster is not real and is used as a display only.

This Blaster is not painted, all parts ate individually 3D printed and are solid color.

--Legal Notice--
*This is not an officially licensed product and is only considered FAN ART

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