Aquaman is Hero of the Month on Gapo Goods!

Spurred on by the recent introduction of the super-cool Aquaman skin to Fortnite, the Gapo Goods store recently kicked off a new month of discounts! This time around, through the entire month of July, you will be able to find great prices for all amazing superhero gear.

Of course, start with Aquaman, who is presented with an amazing array of T-Shirts, all featuring the original artwork of this superhero. Also, all of them do wonders with the combo of green and orange, which are his vintage staple colors. As this offer of products grows in the coming months, don't forget to swing by and see what's new on offer if you're into this original superhero.

Besides Aquaman, you can also find an amazing array of Superhero gear in their combined collection. Here, you'll be able to find loads of products, including Tees, you also LED lamps, figurines, and many other types of apparel. The superheroes represented here come from both DC and Marvel universe, so it does not matter which of these are you a fan (or even if you love both equally). In any case, you'll find more cool stuff here than on any other online store of this type.

Use code 'HERO20' at checkout and wield the power of the Superhero month on Gapo Goods!
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