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Super Mario Plush Toys: Collect Them All!

Super Mario Plush Toys: Collect Them All!

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Step into the Mushroom Kingdom with our delightful Super Mario Stuffed Plush Toys. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a new recruit, these cuddly companions bring iconic characters to life. Here’s why they’re a hit among fans:

  1. Mario: The ultimate hero! Our 10-inch Mario plush features his classic red overalls, white gloves, and that signature mustache. Perfect for sitting on your shelf or joining you on adventures.

  2. Luigi: Mario’s trusty brother is here too! Luigi’s green cap and friendly smile make him an adorable addition to any collection.

  3. Princess Peach: The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom deserves a plush of her own. With her pink dress and regal demeanor, Princess Peach is ready for tea parties or daring rescues.

  4. Yoshi: Hop on Yoshi’s back! This cute dinosaur comes in various colors, just like in the games. Collect them all and create your own Yoshi squad.

  5. Toadette: The spunky Toadette is always up for fun. Her pink pigtails and polka-dotted dress make her a standout plush.

  6. Bowser Jr.: Even Bowser’s son gets a plush! With his spiked shell and mischievous grin, Bowser Jr. is a must-have for any Super Mario fan.

  7. Waluigi and Wario: These mischievous rivals complete the set. Whether you’re team Waluigi or team Wario, their plush versions are full of personality.

Choose from 41 styles, each capturing the essence of the Super Mario universe. Whether you’re decorating your room or reliving nostalgic moments, these plush toys are a delightful addition.

Level up your cuddle game with Super Mario! 🍄🌟

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