Season Quest is Coming to Apex Legends!

Season 5 of Apex Legends might not bring any new weapons, but it will not disappoint either in terms of unique elements. Respawn is introducing in the new season of its popular battle royale title a brand new feature that is presently called The Broken Ghost. In it, the players will get a range of different challenges that will last throughout the season.

Ultimately, the players will be after a cryptic artifact that is made out of nine parts. Each of these parts will be divided into several different elements. To get to them, players will have to get to their Treasure Packs and then unlock weekly Player versus Environment Hunts. There, players can receive cool things if successful, as well as progress the story of the Broken Quest.

Respawn is promising that this story will dive into the hidden past of the Outlands, which is all part of the wider Titanfall universe. All of this awaits the players once the new season, called Fortune's Favor, begins on May 12. The PvE mode should go live a few days later on May 19.

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