Most Popular Character Presently in Apex Legends

Recently, Apex Legends Season 5 dropped and brought about a whole bunch of changes, new lore, and storyline elements, but also nerfs and optimizations. Yet, despite all of these, the game still has its favorite Legend that most players prefer - Wraith. This nimble and extremely mobile character, with the ability to figure out when she is targeted, is - if nothing else - a hard-to-kill choice.

She also remains a clear crowd favorite. According to the recent data, she is chosen by 27 percent of players. She is followed by Pathfinder on the second spot and Lifeline on the third. However, these two cover only 10 percent and 9 percent respectively.

Crypto is the least-chosen with only three percent, while Revenant is just a bit better with a four percent rate. Both are new Legends and the data does not cover Loba, the latest addition. However, it is safe to presume that she is not doing very well either.

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